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Find your event,set the odds, call the shots and invite your friends to bet you on sports events worldwide

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Watch all your friends bets, updates and hot events on your personal ‘My Network’ page. Bet only with your best friends and invite them to bet you.
Set your odds for each event that you want and invite your friends to bet you.
Bet your friends on sports events worldwide, create groups and publish private bets.
Find your favorite event from over 26 sports types worldwide.
Create live bets and bet your friends on in play events.
Icon is licensed and regulated under the Malta Gaming Authorities (MGA).
Western Europe Nordics Eastern Europe is a P2P sports betting website that connect people to bet each other on sports events. The players call the shots, set the odds, define the conditions and decide who will be able to bet it. Players are able to Bet other player’s bet slips or create their own bets and allow others to bet them. All the sports betting bets will be published according to the creator’s preferences / privacy settings and will be visible at his social connection’s ‘my network’ page. We offer more the 25,000 events a month so each player will find his favorite league, team or event and will be able to call the shots and decide what will be his conditions and who will be able to bet him. The players can see if they are winning or losing in real time alongside with the current score and the participants that took place in their bet. The new sports betting p2p environment allow the players to also create closed Groups. By creating groups, the players will be much more connected to their connections and will be able to share bets easier and faster.