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Terms & Conditions

Version 1.0 – “100% matched up bonus up to €100 deposit”

01 august 2017

Basic definitions

A.      "Entry money" - The amount of money that the player deposits.

B.      "Bonus money" - The amount of money that the player receives as bonus packages.

C.      “First Deposit” – First cash deposit made onto a Customer’s account.

Terms and Conditions

A.      This offer is only open to new players who have never deposited on

B.      This promotion is limited to one account per customer, meaning one per family, household address, IP Address, email address, telephone number, payment account number (e.g. debit or credit card), and shared computer, e.g. public library or workplace.

C.      This offer is valid until 31st December 2017.

D.      Upon first deposit, you will automatically receive a bonus worth 100% of the amount deposited, up to €100. The maximum value of the bonus you can receive is of €100.

E.       After the bonus has been activated, within 24 hours of the first deposit, you will receive 10 Bonus Packages. Each package will have a value equal to 10% of the amount deposited as First Deposit.

For example:

·         A First Deposit of €75 will result in 10 Bonus Packages having a value of €7.50 each.

·         A First Deposit of €100 will result in 10 Bonus Packages having a value of €10 each.

·         A First Deposit of €200 will result in 10 Bonus Packages having a value of €10 each.


F.       Each Bonus Package will only be valid for a maximum of 5 days from the time that Bonus Package is allocated. Once 5 days pass, if the Bonus Package has not been unlocked, the Bonus Package will expire.

G.     You can only have one active Bonus Package at a time. The Bonus Packages are delivered in sequence, once one Bonus Package has expired or has become unlocked, the next Bonus Package be automatically activated after the completion of the period of the previous package.

H.      Packages will always expire five days from 23:59 CET of the day the Bonus Package was activated, at 23:59 CET.

I.        Bet amount will be calculated as part of the turnover only when the event will end.

For example:

·         Request for deposit is made on Sunday 21.05.17 at 13:45 CET

·         Confirmation of deposit is made on Sunday 21.05.17 at 14:15 CET

·         Entry into the program and allocation of the first package is on Sunday 21.05.17 at 14:15

·         Expiry of the first Bonus Package is on Friday 26.05.17 at 23:59.

·         The second Bonus Package is applied within 24 hours of the expiry of the first package and the cycle repeats itself until the number of Bonus Packages is exhausted. The new Bonus Package will be allocated only after the completion of the period of realization of the previous package, regardless of whether the previous Bonus Package was activated.


J.        To unlock the Bonus Package, the player must Bet on other player’s Bet Slips, placing his deposited funds at risk. Once a total of 15 times the Bonus Package value has been won (‘Turnover’), the Bonus Package will unlock and the funds in the Bonus Package will enter your account as real money, within 24 hours.

K.      Acceptance of other Players Bet Offers (bet slips) will not count towards meeting the Turnover requirement of the bonus.

L.       In order for the Turnover requirement to be met, the following conditions must subsist in their entirety:


        I.            Bets must be placed at odds of 1.6 or higher.

      II.            Bet Offers must have a minimum of two (2) different result options.

    III.            The player must bet in at least 3 different bet slips.

For example:

·         Player A creates a Bet Offer

·         Player B accepts to risk €10 on Player A’s Bet Offer at odds of 3.5.

·         If player B wins, player A will earn a turnover amount of €10. (The amount player B won)

·         Player A will not earn any turnover as the creator of the bet.


M.    If the Turnover requirement is not reached within the allotted time, the Bonus Package will expire and the next Bonus Packages will be allocated for use, as under the terms of section G.

N.     Upon the completion or expiration of all 10 Bonus Packages, the Bonus Plan will be terminated.

O.     Any additional funds deposited, apart from the First Deposit, can still be used towards meeting the Turnover Requirement.

P.      The Player may cancel their participation in the Bonus at any time. Cancellation of the Bonus will result in the forfeit of the monetary amount locked in the Bonus Packages.

Q.     Withdrawing money in the middle of participating in this bonus plan will automatically forfeit any other future packages, and any monetary amounts will be cancel.

R.      Participation in this Bonus, and gambling in general, is subject to the general terms of use of the system.

S.       Each player can only participate in any one bonus campaign at any given time. If a player enters a new bonus campaign in the midst of his participation in another campaign, the first bonus will be cancelled and any pending winnings forfeited.

T.       This Bonus is intended to promote and market the system out of legitimate commercial considerations. In the event that AB Europe believe that there are players and / or groups of players who abuse this offer or other promotions AB Europe reserve the right to immediately block these players and forfeit the bonus money credited to them including their profits. The accounts of these players will be blocked and legal action will be taken. In addition, AB Europe reserves the right to demand identification documents from any player in order to verify their identity before, during and after participating in this promotion. The Company reserves the right to block any player for any reason at any time and refund their deposit.

U.     All bets are final and any funds lost in the pursuit of the Bonus are non-refundable.

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